Firma Karl Göran Fagerstedt

Tours in Raseborg

Photo: Roger Morberg
Are you planning a trip to Finland? Interested in learning more about Western Nyland and Raseborg?

Contact me for more details.
We can plan a tour together if these dates donot suit you!.

Address and telephone:
Göran Fagerstedt
Borgmästarsgatan 36, FI-10320 Karis
+358 44 523 1215

Here are a few examples of possible guided walks. If you have preferences of your own please contact me. It's possible to plan other interesting walks as well, according to your intrests.

and examples of interesting sites:
  • A walk in the City of Karis 
  • The Grabbacka castle
  • Fiskars
  • The Castle of Raseborg
  • The Old Town of Ekenäs
  • Medieval Churches
  • Dagmar's Park
  • The Front Museum